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How to Write the Funny

Comedy writing is not a talent reserved only for those who are “naturally funny.” Instead, it’s an easily learnable skill. And for those who are already writing comedic content, it’s a skill that can be honed and perfected. If you sign up for H2WTF, your goal for the eight weeks will be to write a comedic prose piece that is part story, part essay, part dialogue, and entirely, uniquely you.

Who should sign up for H2WtF?  Writers of all descriptions, including:

  • Writers of prose nonfiction or fiction. Past participants have included writers working on memoir, advice books,  YA novels, solo shows, etc.

  • Screenwriters and sitcom writers

  • Actors who want to be writer/actors

  • Comedians who want to work on projects that go beyond their stand-up set

  • Businesspersons who want to communicate their expertise through humor


Highlights of the workshop:

  • An explanation of why the funny is funny. Includes in detail diagramming of the structure of the funny as found in humorous prose, romantic comedies, sitcoms, etc.

  • Writing exercises that provide hands-on practice writing the funny

  • Unique prompts that unite writing the personal with writing the funny. 

  • The writers circle: Brainstorm your ideas and get supportive feedback on your writing. 


The workshop is both fast-paced and lots of fun. And along the way, you’ll also make an exciting discovery: Anything on your mind and in your heart can be expressed through humor

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