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Stand Up Comedy Workshop 
with Graduation Show 
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You should sign up for SUCWS if: 


  • You are a complete beginner and you want to become a professional comedian.

  • You are already doing stand-up at open mics, at LA  comedy clubs, and/or paid gigs.  And you want to sharpen your writing skills, improve your performing chops and generate new material.

  • You’re a fan of stand-up comedy and performing your own routine in front of a live audience is on your bucket list!

Here’s some of what the class will highlight:

  • Why the funny is funny: An in-depth examination of joke structure. You’ll be able to say,  “Aha, now I see how the great comedians get their laughs.”

  • Writing the funny: Innovative joke writing exercises will give you hands-on practice writing your own jokes. You’ll be able to say, “Wow, now I’m getting my own laughs!” (Or, for those of you who aren’t beginners, “Wow, the laughs I was already getting have gotten bigger!”)


Class time will also be devoted to:

  • A discussion of POV and persona. Included will be innovative writing prompts that will help you figure out and clarify your POV and persona.

  • In class performing.

  • Insights into the business side of stand-up.


And… the writers circle! That’s you, Jonathan and your fellow students,  sitting in a circle, collaboratively coming up with premises and punchlines. It’s like the writers room at a sitcom or sitting with your fellow comics at the bar at the Improv. Both because of how much great material is generated and how much fun is had in doing so, this is every student’s favorite part of the workshop.

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